About Sarah 

Sarah Vienna is the president and co-founder of Firm Foundations Romania (FFR), a non-profit organization dedicated to transforming the lives of disadvantaged children in Romania by providing love and care, educational guidance, along with sharing the Gospel. Sarah is also a singer/songwriter and worship leader, composing lyrics which are a powerful reflection of her life journey and faith since moving to Romania back in 2003. Born in Boston (youngest of 7 sisters), then raised in Northern California, Sarah ventured to Romania through Youth With A Mission (YWAM). After her 2 month outreach her heart was captured by God telling her to go and leave her homeland as a missionary to Romania. After 15 years of living in this country, Sarah considers herself a human rights advocate defending humanity around the world through the power of her music.  Download Sarah Vienna's press kit here.

Life Overseas


After attending Youth with a Mission (YWAM) in Germany, Sarah was part of an outreach to Romania where she fell in love with the country and recognized the need. In 2002 Sarah returned once again to Romania, independent of an organization, for an intended six month mission trip. Initially volunteering with hospice and teaching in an international school, Sarah soon found a passion helping in the local orphanage. When Romania joined the European Union in 2005, the doors to the institution closed, and volunteers were no longer needed; however, a visit to the Brasov State Children’s Hospital led Sarah to discover where the children who were supposed to be in foster families had ended up. Sarah found rooms full of abandoned children, under the age of two, lying wet and soiled in their cribs while wearing several layers of rags tied with string in place of diapers. Sarah felt God stirring her heart to do something to alleviate the horrible conditions so she, along with her colleague Steffi Vogel, cofounder and vice-president of FFR, began buying diapers with their own money and changing the children whom they visited daily. Firm Foundations Romania now provides over 56,000 diapers annually to the hospital, and volunteers come from around the world to hold, love and nurture the children there.

Sarah's Fight for Forgotten Youth

Along with managing the projects, which include the hospital project and also educational programs for local Roma children, Sarah now speaks and sings as an ambassador for the children in Romania. Sarah strongly believes that all children deserve a loving home and family, and that every child should have rights. International adoption by non-Romanians is closed in Romania, and national adoption is extremely difficult due to complicated laws. Sarah has begun using her position to advocate on behalf of the children to be a voice for the voiceless. Sarah writes monthly for the Romanian Times, a newspaper for the Romanian diaspora in America. She attended the Balkan Prayer Event in Bucharest, Romania, and has met with the US Ambassador and numerous senators and politicians in Romania. Outside of Romania, Sarah has met the Romanian Ambassador to America and the California branch of the Romania diaspora. She has been a guest on Dr. Dobson’s “Family Talk” radio program, 100 Huntley Street television program in Canada, and numerous radio stations including Dan Wooding’s Assist News in California, KSBJ in Houston, Texas, Antenne1 101.3 FM in Stuttgart, Germany, and Susy Radio in London, England. Sarah’s latest album, which features songs reflecting her work and life in Romania, has been reviewed by MOVIEGUIDE® in America and is currently being distributed by SCM Hänssler throughout Germany.