Fall Update!

Sarah Vienna- An Update From the Heart 


Sarah Vienna- An Update From the Heart 

With Andreea Mondoc, our first Roma University student who graduated from our program. and considered like a family member to me. Andreea will be traveling with me this Fall to the USA to help present about FFR's program and how they work to make life differences. 

Dear Friends and Family,

As we approach the Fall Season, I'd like to take the opportunity to thank you for your loyal prayers, encouragement and support. Your continued commitment to FFR and me personally is making a powerful difference in many children's lives. 

 I woke up this morning thinking about how life goes by so quickly. I looked at my phone and was grateful that there were no emergency messages from loved ones and from what I know everyone is safe and sound in other parts of the world. I am grateful for the work God has called me to do in Romania; however, as I grow older it does become more challenging to be so far away from my parents who are nearing their 70's and my sisters who are growing older each day. I would have to say that this is the biggest hardship of working overseas, which is comparable to how someone in the military might feel. However, it has been my calling by God to live in this beautiful country for 14 years and I wonder how many more years I will have the honor be “called to duty.”

 This October I will be on another fast track visit across the States for presentations, meetings with advisors and board members, living- room concerts, and a quick visit with my sister and her husband in PA before duty calls and I head back to spend Thanksgiving with my little FFR family. I am excited to share that I will be joined by Andreea Mondoc, our first Roma high school graduate who is now in her last year of University, for part of my trip to the US to help share about FFR and encourage more Americans to become involved. It will be the first time she will ever see an ocean. Andreea’s testimony is a powerful one of hope and determination and I am honored to be joined by such a loving sister in Christ. 

So far 2016 has been interesting year for me as a leader and musician with lots of challenges, growth, and opportunity. Forming stronger relationships with the Brasov Rotary Club, town hall officials, Bucharest media, and known Romanian locals has been one of our keys of growth for FFR. I totally am in agreement with the Romanian saying, " knowing a friend is more worthwhile than having ten thousand euros in your pocket." It is all about relationships and thank God He made me very relational!

This past summer one of our biggest challenge was hiring a new extended team for our After School Program. How do we find a Romanian who is a Christian, team player, and has the heart and compassion to work with Roma children in a village outside of the comforts of Brasov? You can't hire heart. Well, as always, God provided. A week before school started, we hired two fantastic young ladies, Joy and Estera, to join our project manager Silvana and her husband Nicu (who also pastors the Brasov Calvary Chapel church). Our After School team in Budila is amazing and working wonderfully together. We had 180 children apply to be in our After School Program and from that we narrowed the number down to 120 due to classroom space. Our new teachers are keeping busy with lots of tutoring and Bible lessons!

For many years I have been praying for a church in Brasov where I feel comfortable and eager to attend on Sunday mornings. God provided once again with a newly established Calvary Chapel Church led by Pastor Nicu who is one of our teachers in our After School Program. It is a small congregation at this point, yet has a big heart for Jesus. A newfound joy of mine has been leading worship.

I never felt adequate to do this as I thought you h ad to be a “perfect Christian” to be in such a leadership position, but that is not how God works. Using my gift and passion of music, I’ve had the joy and honor to lead the congregation in worship. I really have enjoyed this opportunity to not entertain, yet lead hearts to offer a sacrifice of praise to our Savior.

My prayer requests as we enter into the Fall Season:

  • Personal protection spiritually and physically from the schemes of the enemy who seeks to kill and destroy when we are doing God's work. 
  • For the wisdom of Solomon when decisions arise that seem beyond human understanding.
  • My personal relationship with my immediate and extended family. The separation has been hard for everyone. Deep down it hurts on both sides. 
  • For the Holy Spirit to be the center of our up and coming presentations this Fall in the USA and Romania.
  • For continued financial support, prayers, and encouragement.

 Thank you! 

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