Would you consider investing?

In a music ministry that shares the message about Firm Foundations Romania's programs and the love and hope that Jesus provides to humankind...

I am asking for investors who would consider to donate towards $5,000 to help complete the current album that I am in the process of recording, which will be used to fundraise and support Firm Foundations Romania's(FFR) ministry. The album will contain two sets of six songs: one set using a full band which was recorded this past year in Nashville and one set which will have a more acoustic sound and be recorded with top German Christian producer, Florian Sitzmann, in the Black Forest in Germany. 

The Black Forest is Steffi's hometown where we will be in July doing an FFR tour prior to recording. Once the album is completed, it will be distributed by SCM Hannsler, Germany's largest Christian distributor which reaches all of Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

Music is a way to share about FFR and the work being done to assist the orphans and Roma children while recruiting short and long-term volunteers and to raising funds to support our programs.

Sarah Vienna Music (SVM) is the fundraising team for Firm Foundations Romania, and we are looking for on going investors who have a heart for both FFR and a heart for music. SVM has already raised thousands of dollars to support our projects through various concerts and finances will continue to be raised as people hear more about the ministry through music. SVM assisted to raise funds to hire a full-time teacher for our After School Program, funds towards buying pampers for our babies in the hospital, volunteer hours to create our websites, and has encouraged in-kind hours from people around the world to assist our projects. 

Please consider becoming an investor and donating to reach the goal of $5,000 to complete this current album that will bring more awareness about Firm Foundations Romania and also share the Gospel in this world that needs a message of hope.

If you are interested please click here: 

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For more information please email me at: sarahvienna7@gmail.com 

Thank you!
Sarah Vienna