Firm Foundations Romania's First Benefit Concert In Texas! Thank you for joining us!

“You can do this!” April told me as she hugged me before I opened up the curtain to walk out on stage to sing and present at Firm Foundations Romania first ever benefit concert in Spring, Texas. I was nervous, anxious, and eager to get the show on the road and be accompanied by Dallas String Quartet and a full band. My goal was to inspire and reach people’s hearts to help our organization help the unwanted children in Romania. As the night moved on with beautiful violin strings, a strong drum beat, and my vocals, I could feel the Holy Spirit moving within the crowd of people who so kindly attended this event to support our cause. Please follow this link to see some highlights from the concert: 


With the Dallas String Quartet. The founder of the band is Romanian (holding the guitar). 

With the Dallas String Quartet. The founder of the band is Romanian (holding the guitar). 

Our goal in Romania is to transform lives through the power of God’s love and encouragement of education. We want to share what God is doing in this country and the changes He is making. I have been blessed with a gift of singing, and I am using music to raise awareness and funds for our non-profit I co-founded back in 2005 based in Brasov, Romania. Our various programs have us working with children ages 0-18 who are living in poverty or orphaned.

Andreea Mondoc was our first teen to graduate from our program. I was introduced to her when she was ten years old after picking up her baby brother, Costel, who was in need of a leg surgery after being left in the children’s hospital. Andreea was a fighter and eager to get out of the poor conditions in her village. We invested in her life and took her on as our own child. Now she is in her 2nd year of university studying to be a social worker to help her own Roma people and inspire others to follow her in her footsteps. Her life story is among the songs I have written about and sing for others around the world to understand the impact of what is happening in Brasov. 

Over the years while living in Romania, my job tasks have changed. Like tending a garden, I have dug, planted, watered, and am now nurturing to make sure our garden is thriving and bearing fruit. I nurture through managing and building our team, overseeing our projects to make sure they are protected, and raising funds and recruiting volunteers. I am living out my passion and feel strongly that I am exactly where God wants me to be.

As the our first benefit concert comes to a close on a warm Texas evening, I thank Jesus for being the center of the night and for giving me a talent of singing that I could use to help Romanian children have a better life and feel loved by volunteers who have joined us from around the world.



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 Thank you!

Sarah Vienna / Co-Founder - President