Jesus Died Of A "Broken Heart"/ New Song

A new song I wrote today called "Broken Heart" on this beautiful Sunday morning in Brasov, Romania. The song is remembering how much Jesus suffered because of His love for us. He died rejected by man with a broken heart both in the human feeling, and was the actual medical cause of His death on the cross. He loves us so much!

"Broken Heart" by Sarah Vienna:

What a wonderful God have we
Died for love to set me free
Came to earth knowing His end
Came to earth to be our friend
But Jesus died of a broken heart

Water and blood He did impart
Because He loved, He loved, He loved
Suffered for me as He looked above
We are unworthy to receive His love

Friends of man and King of Kings
Bore our sins as the offering
"Abba Father forgive what they do"
He cried out then His spirit withdrew
Jesus died of a broken heart