Impact Tour Germany 2018- "I'm Alive"


Thank you for all your support, love, and prayers, as the 2018 tour in Germany went incredibly well. Sarah and Steffi were able to raise funds, recruit volunteers, while making new friends and contacts for who support FFR's mission. Three newspapers posted an article about the tour as well!

Sarah had many highlights from the tour, including:

"One big highlight for me was sharing a sermon at the Christus Gemeinde Pforzheim on Spiritual Adoptions based off from Romans 8:14-17 and Ephesians 4:4-7. We were all spiritual orphans until we became spiritually adopted through the Holy Spirit by our Heavenly Father. 

Leading worship singing Amazing Grace in three languages, English, German, and Romanian was a test of my language skills! Thank God singing in a different language is easier than speaking it at times! 

Singing "My Home Brasov" and seeing the Romanians in the audience whose home town is Brasov was very touching for me. It was a heart to heart moment of love and appreciation for the beauty of this city. Moments like these on stage will never be forgotten."

Special thanks to Steffi Vogel for the amazing job she did translating from English to German, as well as sharing about FFR's projects and needs. Steffi has such a great way of making people feel appreciated and loved.

Thanks also goes out to all who hosted and organized for this tour, as well as to the musicians and German Ambassadors who assisted with concerts and presentations. It could not have been done without you!

We received some encouraging feedback while in Germany!

"I grew up in an orphanage and I was very touched by how you are reaching out to the orphans and abandoned children."

"Your sermon on ‘spiritual adoption’ really touched us as a family. We adopted years ago from Romania but we never talk about it at home. It was very important for our son to hear your message."

"Her lyrics reflect the work and experiences she has with the children in Romania. Images and video clips about her work with the children in Romania were combined in a powerful way with the lyrics and music."

"She made clear the big need in Romania but also to show the hope that is there through the work that [Firm Foundations Romania] does. Pictures and lyrics went deep in the hearts of the ones who came to the concert."

"I haven’t been back to Brasov in over 17 years but your song ‘My Home Brasov’ changed something in my heart and I believe you will see me back in Brasov soon."

"I feel this is the start of something big."

Click here to see clips from this wonderful tour!

I'm Alive: An Update!

Sarah sang "I'm Alive" for the first time to German audiences this fall - and what great timing as we have reached our fundraising goal and will be able to progress with recording and filming!

The Woodlands United Methodist Church choir will join the recording efforts in what should be an incredible arrangement. Vocals will be recorded in Nashville around the end of November, and the video will be filmed in Pennsylvania in the beginning in December. Prayers would be appreciated for these events and for the future of the song as it moves forward to serve the voiceless.

For more information, please contact

Sarah Vienna will return to the United States in February, 2019, for another tour. If you are interested in having Sarah come to your church, venue, or simply sing and share in your own living room, contact or