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Though her childhood was spent in the United States of America, Sarah Vienna’s adult life has been that of an ex-pat, living in Romania for almost 20 years. When she was a teenager, living in Northern California, Sarah had recurring dreams of rescuing children out of war zones in Europe; a clear foreshadowing to her advocacy work that began in her early twenties.

In 2002 Sarah attended Youth With A Mission (YWAM), a discipleship program aimed at getting youth involved with missions work across the globe. Though Romania was not her first choice, it’s where YWAM sent her for a two month outreach; Brasov captured Sarah’s heart and she heard loud and clear the calling put on her life - go to Romania and leave the comforts of home.

With nearly twenty years of advocacy experience, more than ten as the co-founder and president of the successfully run and sustained nonprofit, Firm Foundations Romania, Sarah knows what it means to serve well and live fully. She has a degree from Liberty University in Christian Leadership Management, has had the honor of being invited to speak with Dr. James Dobson on his Family Talk radio program twice, has been invited to be a guest worship leader at numerous European Prayer Breakfast events, and has cultivated community as the worship leader of Brasov Calvary Chapel.

Sarah now travels the world and has gained popularity in places such as Germany, England, Canada, and the United States. Her ministry uniquely blends powerful storytelling with emotive melodies, creating a call to action among listeners that is difficult to ignore.


Sarah has performed everywhere from women’s conferences to local churches; from USO performances to home concerts, no venue is too large or small. A global recording artist, Sarah has three albums under her belt, along with her latest single, “I’’m Alive” - a pro-life song, inspired by her visit to a pregnancy resource center in Pennsylvania.


Feeling blessed to be living her dreams, Sarah continues to embrace her mission as God marches her forward to the beat of His drum.

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